My name is Justin Vorhis and I am pleased to welcome you to “Pothos”!

While I first became interested in Alexander through reading Peter Connolly’s lavishly illustrated “The Greek Armies”, it was a series of Alexander biographies and historical novels, notably Mary Renault’s spectacular “Fire from Heaven”, that turned this interest into passion.

Through Alexander, I developed a fascination with the the ancient world more generally, and this fascination, in turn, led me to study Classics as both an undergraduate at OSU and a graduate student at UCLA.

In June 2017, I received my Ph.D. in Classics, having written a dissertation on Alexander’s connection to Achilles, the famous Homeric hero, as depicted in the works of Arrian, Curtius, and Plutarch, three of the surviving Alexander historians.

When I return from my Alexander journey,  I hope to find a Classics teaching position, either at the college or high school level, and thereby continue to share my passion for Alexander and the ancient world with others.